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San Miguel Brewery Inc. (SMB) is the largest producer of beer in the Philippines, with nine out of ten beer drinkers preferring its brands. San Miguel Beer was first produced by La Fabrica de Cerveza de San Miguel, an upstart brewery in the heart of Manila that began its operations in 1890. It received the Royal Grant from the Spanish king to brew beer in the Philippines, then a colony of Spain. In 1963, the brewery was renamed San Miguel Corp. (SMC) to reflect its growing ventures into food and packaging. As the beer business grew at a steady pace, it provided the foundation from which SMC expanded its interests from food, beverage and packaging, to power, oil, airline and infrastructure. Today, SMC is the country's biggest diversified conglomerate.

All SMB's beer operations were then under the San Miguel Beer Division, a business unit of SMC. SMB was incorporated on July 26, 2007, and the domestic beer business was spun off from SMC to SMB on October 1, 2007. The spin-off of SMC's domestic beer business into SMB was intended to realize the value of SMC's flagship business. In 2010, the acquisition of San Miguel Brewing International Limited (SMBIL) enabled SMB to achieve full integration of its domestic and international beer business. SMB is now at a greater advantage to champion the iconic San Miguel brand across the Asia-Pacific region.

From a single product produced in a single brewery in 1890, SMB has developed an array of popular beer products over the past century, catering to the distinct tastes and preferences of beer drinkers across all segments and markets in the Philippines. Today, it carries a portfolio of ten strong and popular beer brands: San Mig Light, Red Horse Beer, Cerveza Negra, Gold Eagle Beer, San Miguel Strong Ice, San Miguel Super Dry, San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer, San Miguel Flavored Beer, San Mig Zero, and its flagship brand,San Miguel Pale Pilsen. These products carry distinct attributes that cater to all segments of the Philippine beer market and have earned international recognition for quality, winning in the prestigious Monde International Selection almost on an annual basis, among other awards and citations.

The Company has six production facilities strategically located across the Philippines to ensure product availability and freshness,and a highly developed distribution system serving approximately 471,000 retail outlets.

San Miguel Beer products have consistently dominated the market for beer in the Philippines, the country's largest alcoholic beverage segment. Despite its dominant market position, SMB continues to find new ways to grow further its volumes and its market share in the Philippine beverage industry.

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